My Old Dutch: My Kind of Pancake House! (London – UK)

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Hello everyone!

Let me just start by saying that If you are spending your holiday in London, then simply can’t miss this article.

I lived in London for a total of 2 years and it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. I have always lived in the western area: Harrow (zone 5), Dollis Hill (zone 3), South Ealing (zone 3), and my favorite Barons Court (zone 2). My many visits to London are the main reason that allow me to have many tips for you about this wonderful city that you are so lucky to be able to visit. Feel free to check out some of those tips, spread across several articles in this blog. 


In case you are in a hurry, please feel free to send me an email at the contact area. Now if you’re anything like me and by that I mean a lover of desserts and anything that is sweet, then I strongly suggest  My Old Dutch: The ultimate pancake house for the perfect treat yourself meal. 

My Old Dutch, or as i name it, my favorite pancake house of all time, is in three parts of London: Chelsea, Kensington and Holborn. I consider the one in Kensington the most distinctive and you can notice it from the orange window fixtures. I simply love the indoor: on the walls you can see the large pans that they use for cooking the crepes and the pancakes. In the picture you can also notice the very cute indoor.


The menu is very long: it’s very difficult to understand what is the best dish for you and I am here to help you choose! I strongly suggest the crepe. As you can see in the pic below — It’s HUGE !!! and it’s available both sweet and savory presentations. 

My Old Dutch Crepes Nutella

The pancake are smaller and thicker. But I am sure that if you are readers of this blog, you already know everything about crepes and pancakes!!! My husband loves the chocolate chips pancake, with dark chocolate (picture below). 

My Old Dutch - Pancake

I prefer the crepes with nutella, banana and cream on the top. Be careful: they will ask you how you want the banana to be cooked. I suggest fresh and not cooked with the whole crepes in the oven. Match your crepe with the cafe’s own blend of Earl Grey tea: It’s amazing. 

My Old Dutch - Tea

Speaking of savory sections on menus: I strongly suggest the typical Dutch meatballs (you can find them on the menu as biterballen ) , the savory mediterranean crepes with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese and olive, and the greek salad with feta. Many of the waitresses are Italian. They are very nice and one could always easily engage in a nice chat with them. 

Check out the Kensington branch during the Christmas season.

My Old Dutch - XMAS

So at the end of the day: Why go? It’s a nice place where you could relax, eat the most amazing crepes, in one of the best areas in London. Fun fact: I once ate in the Chelsea branch, and saw Pippa Middleton!


The Kensington branch is next to the Holland Park, is in 15 minutes from Hyde Park, and it’s in a nice shopping area. (= High Street Kensington Tube Station). The one in Chelsea is more in the centre, you can reach it by hop off the tube station of Sloane Square: amazing shopping, super posh. (= Sloane Square Tube Station). The Holborn branch is bigger, more modern and the closest to the touristic center. 


Gogo’s Evaluation System

Location: 8/10 cookies 


Quality of Food: 8/10 cookies



Price: (1 cookie very cheap – 5 cookies super expensive) : 2 cookies


Happiness during your stay:  9/10 cookies



Enjoy your meal, and do not hesitate to send me a message and tell me if you liked the place on the contact form.

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