Breakfast at Scudieri – Florence (Italy)

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Today I'd like to share with you a place that was first introduced to me by my husband, while on our first holiday together in in Florence, Tuscany. Now, Florence is a beautiful city in every month of the year. When it comes to different climates, there is no time of the year that doesn't have its own charm.  Bottom line, there that can ruin your holiday and everything should go perfectly in every season. 

Tips:Exploit the low numbers of tourists during winter seasons January-February. Those are the months when usually in Florence the 5 stars and 5 stars luxury prices are at their minimum!!!

Once you arrive in Florence, you're tour of it's cultural beauty and all it's majesty is simply not complete without visiting it's most popular and beloved site. The true heart of it's city, Piazza Duomo (Dome square) is truly a breathtaking site that is not to be missed. I just love the colors!


image (30)


Now that you made it to the beautiful Piazza Duomo, make sure to stop by for a an afternoon "treat yourself" in probably one of the best cafes in the entire country: Caffe Scudieri. This beautiful quaint and historical caffe is not only easy to locate, but it's a absolute must-visit landmark of it's own right! Just ask any local, and they'll tell you that this institution has been serving as a customer favorite since it's opening in 1939!

Scudieri might looks like one of those touristic places with high prices and low quality. You know those spots that make you pay for the location, but that's not exactly the case. Sure, the prices are a little high, the venue a little crowded (especially during the day), however when it comes to the QUALITY of product...The verdict is... AMAZING!


Home of the world's most scrumptious Torta della nonna a.k.a Grandmother's cake (as seen in the picture below). This indigenous Tuscan dessert, faous for its lemon zested, custurd filling is a revelation not to be missed. add a traditional home-made recipe and you get something out of this world. In this particular recipe modeled by the caffe staff, the cream is made from their own traditional ricotta cheese, resulting in the most decadent cake in the universe of creamy cakes. Other popular menu suggestions include: the divine Cannolo Siciliano, as well as their wonderful selection of freshly baked Crostate (Jam tarts) and Cornetti (Italian brioche). 

image (29)

Try serve the best tea in town: compliments of another Florentine institution: La Via del Tè. The Earl Grey or the English Breakfast tea will literally hug your senses: the perfect welcome to this wonderful city.

image (31)As you can see they have a big selection of pastries and everything is done fresh. Like I read once at the Pret a Manger in London: Done today, Gone today.

image (33)

Relax by the many tables, both in and outside. I personally prefer the latter, as you get to enjoy beautiful view and  colors of the Battistero. Make sure to stop by and enjoy this wonderful place for a  thirty blessed "treat yourself" minutes.

image (34) As seen in the pic, the historic Battistero is covered for ongoing renovation. However I can confirm to you that the landmark has finished renovation in late december, 2015. 


Gogo's Evaluation System

Location: 7/10 cookies 


Quality of Food: 9/10 cookies


Position: 10/10 cookies 


Price: (1 cookie very cheap - 4 cookies super expensive) : 2 cookies


Happiness during your stay:  9/10 cookies


(I didn't want to give 10 only for some of their waitress that are not very welcoming). 

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