How being Italian during the Easter holiday

Dear friends,

I’ve come back to Italy at last!

I needed to stay at home with my beloved family, spending the daytime studying for the next exams.

Today I was walking on the street of my hometown and at a certain point I thought about the new topic for English readers: how to be Italian after a period spent in UK.

Getting back to be Italian has various implications, such as

– great food

– You return to drink three cups of coffee per day, like still water

–  Suddenly You notice expensive brands in the shops

– … and start thinking to buy one of them

– Mysteriously You lose weight eating more and more

– When You are walking You’ll consider to have a break in that little bar, in the little square, sitting outside in the warm sun… Drinking an espresso (a little bit) and doing NOTHING.

Are You ready to live like ITALIANS?

Gogo Yubari

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